If you want to break out of your shell & the traditional aspect of weddings- this one is for you! Elopements are perfect for the adventurous & private couple looking to make their day of marriage an experience!

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I love how you can make your wedding as intimate or as big as you'd like! Adding special touches to make your day special is so sweet while creating the day you have dreamt of for your whole life!  

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Couples Sessions

Couples sessions can be so personable to your relationship. Break the boundaries of your typical city or field location. Rather dive deep into what you two love to do as a couple or enjoy!

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Congratulations, Let's celebrate! 

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So now what? I completely understand the stress of planning all the details of the wedding day. So many emotions, opinions, and ideas but pulling it all together feels exhausting. Does this feel familiar?

Booking me as your photographer is more than just a photography service- I assist you with your timeline that feels impossible to piece together, dive into the details of your day, and capture timeless images from your engagement session to celebration day! If you are looking for a photographer to do more than capture your celebration day, I'm your gal! But seriously... let's make your wildest dreams happen! I'm totally flexible and ready to hop on a call with you!

Booking me as your photographer is more than just a photography service- I assist you with your timeline that feels impossible to piece together, dive into the details of your day, and capture timeless images from your engagement session to celebration day!

 If you are looking for a photographer to do more than capture your celebration day, I'm your gal! But seriously... let's make your wildest dreams happen! I'm totally flexible and ready to hop on a call with you!

It is so easy to get lost and wrapped up into all the details of wedding planning that we forget what the most important part of the day is. It's about the two of YOU! Your love. Relationship. Vows. Commitment. The joy of bringing the two of you together in a strong bond.

So how do you two want to make this day your own day? Not your family, friends, or guest's day, but YOUR DAY!?

I would start off by sitting down together and throw away everything about the wedding that is causing you stress. Throw things out of the plan that is not something that you specifically wanted. Then, make a list of all of your favorite things that the two of you love to do together. List out places, locations, food, and a list of people that mean the most to the two of you.


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This is your start and here are some ideas for you!

Shared Hobbies

Is there something that you two like to do together!? Being in your eliminate reduces the stress for your upcoming session making it more relaxed and 'normal feeling'. What are some activities that you like to do with your partner?

Evening Picnic

What's more romantic than an evening picnic with either your favorite fast food restaurant, ice cream, or restaurant?! It's a two in one deal when trying to convince your partner to have a session. Food + photoshoot = BEST DUO EVER.

road trippin'

Who doesn't like a good old fashion road trip?!  Take a whole week or so to adventure an area you have never seen before! Take your wedding clothes and make an adventure out of it- I'll be there to document!

Meet Kayla- your future...

BFF, third wheel, & sun chaser

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FEBRUARY - Florida
MAY- Paris, Florida
JUNE & JULY- California
September- Bali



  • ANYWHERE in Hawaii
  • Moabs, Utah
  • Yosemite National Park, California
  • Lake Louise, Alberta Canada
  • Iceland (Literally anywhere in Iceland)
  • A Disney Wedding
  • Bonneville Salt Flats

  • Antigua, Guatemala
  • Nashville & Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, TN
  • Joshua Tree & Big Sur & San Fran , California 
  • Gods Thumb, OR
  • Olympic National Park, WA
  • New Orleans, LA 
  • Boston, MA 
  • New York City, NY
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Dominican Republic

Going somewhere else? Let's go!

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I take pride in my organization and detailed oriented mindset.

Leading up to wedding day we will set up wedding calls to go over your timeline, details to know, and just to chat! I will also send out a wedding guide! We will meet back up 3 months before the wedding to finalize details.

 I will be sending out quite a few questionnaires as well so it's easy for you to get information to me!

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I work with some pretty amazing photographers that I trust and have a similar style to me!

Picking a second shooter that works great on their own and fits the vibe of your wedding, is so important to me!

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I have collected information that is valuable and informational for newly engaged couples! From money saving tips to timeline advice- and there is so much more in between!

This guide is meant to guide you along the way for making decisions that will make your wedding day run smoothly! 

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Both of my camera's that I shoot have dual card slots. This means that everything I shoot is copied on to two cards. Then your images will be in two places from the start.

Once I get home from your wedding, I directly export your images on to my hard drive and both memory cards are kept safe until your wedding gallery is delivered!

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SESSIONS: You will receive your gallery in 2 weeks after your session. I always post a sneak peek 1-3 days after your session since I know you are ITCHING to see your images. This also gives you the opportunity to share them with family and friends!

 WEDDINGS: I do a sneak peek 24-48 hours after your wedding. Your full gallery will be delivered on your 1 month anniversary! Celebrate with a nice bottle of wine, listen to your wedding song and melt over the images from your absolutely perfect day.

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I NEVER have my watermark on my images- The reasoning behind this is because I want you to fully enjoy your images 100%. In order to do so, I don't want any distractions that can take away.

As for printing, PLEASE print your images!! You will fully get the experience of hiring a wedding photographer from printing and hanging your images. I will discount the print store so you can print high quality images directly from your online gallery!

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Weddings typically book 10-14 months out, and my sessions about 4-6 weeks out! My months typically fully book at least 1-2 months out for lifestyle sessions, and 9 months out for weddings.

Reminder that an engagement session does come with all of my wedding packages! After booking your wedding date, we will then set up your engagement session date!

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Absolutely not.

Once a date is booked, it is no longer up for grabs on my Calendar. On certain days I am able to offer an associate photographer. An associate is a photographer who is equally skilled and able to handle your day, but then all the editing is done by me. You will never receive an associate photographer unless it is agreed upon and part of your contract

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Of course! I understand weddings and elopements can be expensive! I want to make sure I can do everything I can to make it as affordable as possible! Please let me know if I can set up a monthly payment plan for your project!

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Some of my destination packages already have travel fees built into the package.

For sessions I charge $0.60 a mile (gas is expensive y'all!!) For weddings, all my packages include 60 miles round trip for wedding day. After the 60 miles, it is $0.60 per mile.

I've got traveling really nailed down and I'm extremely organized and will take the extra steps to make it a super organized and stress free trip for you!

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I want you to be comfortable! I actually don't recommend wearing something brand new that you've never worn before. We don't want any wardrobe mishaps and I want you to wear something you absolutely KNOW you love and are comfortable in.

I always recommend earthy tones and even add some fun layers to your aesthetic. If it's hot and you just want to wear shorts and a tank top that's great! Maybe add some bracelets, necklace, a hat, a neck scarf, or tie a long sleeved shirt around your waist. Adding fun layers to your outfit (even if your outfit is simple) can add a lot of fun elements to the photos.

If it's colder, then I'm always loving a good beanie and a hoodie in some photos! Casual is always best for my style!

Avoid heels and short skirts/dresses! 

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The most rewarding part of my job is the celebration of the day you receive the gallery. The reactions are always so heartwarming!

I will be posting your sneak peek on my Facebook and/or Instagram. As for your full gallery, you will receive a link to your gallery where you can view, download and purchase prints from your session/wedding! You are also able to share your link with family and friends so they can purchase prints and download images for themselves.

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Life happens- and I TOTALLY get that! The booking deposit is non-refundable but the remainder is not charged UNLESS it is a week or less until your session date.

I always do my best to reschedule for an upcoming date! As for weather, I am super flexible to work around the weather to make sure we are able to get your session in.

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HECK YES! Your elopement might even be listed as one of my bucket list locations which means you get a HUGE discount! Reach out to me for more details on how we can plan your dream elopement!

Frequently Asked Questions