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Take a look through my work get a sense of how I capture my seniors. Ask yourself: Do you feel like we would be a good fit? Do you want an authentic and unique senior session? 

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It's time to inquire! Fill out the form on my contact page to get started! I will then send you a brochure with my packages and pricing that you can choose from! Once a package is picked, I will send my calendar to choose your date. After a date is chosen, your proposal will be sent to finalize booking!

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Once you are offically booked I'll send over my senior session style guide. This will help picking an outfit much easier! Once we pick locations that resemble you and your character, I will assist you on creating an effective session timeline!


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Your session is complete! I will chat with you on what my current turn around time is directly after your session & some printing information. When your gallery is delivered to your email- reminisces, pick some of your favorites, and print through the online print store! I always load your gallery with printing coupons!

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you are graduating!

Congratulations, Let's celebrate! 

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So now what? It's time to plan your senior session! After all these years of stress, assignments, building friendships, and growing in a school that you called YOURS- is over. It can be over wheliming and bittersweet but you are on to BIGGER and BETTER things!

Booking me as your photographer is more than just a photography service- I assist you on choosing your shoot locations, create a session timeline, dive into the outfit options for your session, and capture timeless images that you will look back on for years to come! If you are looking for a photographer to do more than have you smile and pose, I'm your gal! But seriously... let's make your wildest dreams happen!

Booking me as your photographer is more than just a photography service- I assist you on choosing your shoot locations, create a session timeline, dive into the outfit options for your session, and capture timeless images that you will look back on for years to come! 

If you are looking for a photographer to do more than have you smile and pose, I'm your gal! But seriously... let's make your wildest dreams happen!

It is so easy to see what your friends did during their senior session & go off of that! Sometimes in the thick of it you can get lost or stuck on what makes you... YOU! I am not saying we can't do a flower field session BUT think beyond that. Think about ways we can make a flower field unique!

So how do you want to make this session resemble you?

I would start off by sitting down and going through what brings you happiness. Throw things out that don't resemble you and your life. Then, make a list of all of your favorite things that you do in your free time or have created your years alive special. List out places, locations, food, and hobbies.

From there we will create and brainstorm ideas that will be perfect and unique for your senior session.


Check out my seniors portfolio

This is your start and here are some ideas for you!

Your Hobbies

Is there something that you like to do in your free time!? Being in your eliminate reduces the stress for your upcoming session making it more relaxed and 'normal feeling'. 

School Sports

You may have played sports for years throughout grade school. What better way to showcase an activity that you put so much hard work into than in your senior session?! Are your school sports something you want to remember for the rest of your life?

Guilty pleasures

We all have that one activity we resort to when we need a stress reliever or something to fill our free time. Skateboarding, painting, drinking coffee, eating ice cream- anything!

"I am so awkward with posing for pictures, and she knew exactly how to make me feel comfortable and guide me through the process."

a word from a past senior:

Meet Kayla- your future...

BFF & sun chaser

Get to know me!

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Honestly- nope!

I never enjoy being close ended with my location process. BUT I will always guide and help you through the location process to assure you find a spot that is a perfect fit for you! I have a huge variety of spots that I shoot in often. I can always give recommendations!

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I ALWAYS shoot 1-2 hours before the sunsets. I want you to have the best lighting possible for your session! With this being said, we will pick an exact time for your session a week prior to your shoot! This gives me time to study the lighting.

 I will put together an itinerary for your session if you are shooting at more than one location. I am very timeline oriented when it comes to shooting in more than one location. This is simply so you receive the best lighting for the type of shoot.

(EX. if we are shooting in a field, it will be 30 minutes before the sunsets so we get a golden look to the field!)

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YES YES AND YES. I love shooting in different areas! Gives me some change in scenery! We will chat more about locations since depending on the distance through a phone call, I won't be able to checkout locations prior to our session. 

I do charge $0.60 per mile after 25 miles is exceeded.

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Both of my camera's that I shoot have dual card slots. This means that everything I shoot is copied on to two cards. Then your images will be in two places from the start.

Once I get home from your wedding, I directly export your images on to my hard drive and both memory cards are kept safe until your wedding gallery is delivered!

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You will receive your gallery in 2 weeks after your session. I always post a sneak peek 1-3 days after your session since I know you are ITCHING to see your images. This also gives you the opportunity to share them with family and friends!

It is important to remember that your turnaround time can fluctuate depending on when your session is booked. In my busier seasons it will take a bit longer.

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I NEVER have my watermark on my images- The reasoning behind this is because I want you to fully enjoy your images 100%. In order to do so, I don't want any distractions that can take away.

As for printing, PLEASE print your images!! You will fully get the experience of hiring a wedding photographer from printing and hanging your images. I will discount the print store so you can print high quality images directly from your online gallery!

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This always breaks my heart because I know you are SO excited to have your session! I always leave one date open per week for rescheduling and wiggle room. These dates are first come first serve.

 I am definitely a last minute rescheduler (unless it is VERY obvious). I want to make sure we can get your session in if possible so if this means waiting till last minute to determine, LET'S DO IT!

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It's never too early to book your session! My months typically fully book at least 1-2 months out for sessions (depending on the season).

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My style guide includes tips and tricks on picking outfits based on the locations we will be shooting with. Also, a color palette that I always recommend so your photos stay timeless!

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I don't have a complete answer for this.

It really depends on many different factors. It usually is in the realm of 50-90 edited photos but it truly varies and it could be more!

 I NEVER hold images back, if it's a good photo- you ARE getting it in your gallery.  

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I want you to be comfortable! I actually don't recommend wearing something brand new that you've never worn before. We don't want any wardrobe mishaps and I want you to wear something you absolutely KNOW you love and are comfortable in.

I always recommend earthy tones and even add some fun layers to your aesthetic. If it's hot and you just want to wear shorts and a tank top that's great! Maybe add some bracelets, necklace, a hat, a neck scarf, or tie a long sleeved shirt around your waist. Adding fun layers to your outfit (even if your outfit is simple) can add a lot of fun elements to the photos.

If it's colder, then I'm always loving a good beanie and a hoodie in some photos! Casual is always best for my style!

Avoid heels and short skirts/dresses! 

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I have been shooting with some sort of camera since I was at least eight years old. Besides that I have been shooting professionally since 2018 though and then I officially went full time with my business in 2020!

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The most rewarding part of my job is the celebration of the day you receive the gallery. The reactions are always so heartwarming! I will be posting your sneak peek on my Facebook and/or Instagram.

 As for your full gallery, you will receive a link in your gallery where you can view, download and purchase prints from your session! You are also able to share your link with family and friends so they can purchase prints and download images for themselves.

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Life happens- and I TOTALLY get that! The deposit of $50 is non-refundable but the remainder is not charged UNLESS it is a week or less until your session date.

Frequently Asked Questions